People, I can not recommend strongly enough that you stop watching and reading the corporate news. Well you should stop watching TV all together but that is another story!

The mainstream media (MSM) is run and owned by the (secret) governments and merely acts as their mouthpiece, generally trying to instill fear and worry and to provide a very blinkered view of the world and current affairs. In Europe, countries are portrayed according to their allegiance to American foreign policy, i.e. Syria in particular Assad is the scourge of the world and Saudi Arabia is a gentle and tolerant country, whereas in reality Syria is fighting USA / Israeli backed terrorist organisations and Saudi Arabia is presently assaulting Yemen and killing civilians with American weapons and British training, and of course still relying on good old stoning and decapitation for corporal punishment. If you are not white or pro-Israeli then you are fair game in the state medias eyes. For heavens sake just don’t ask awkward questions like why is America supporting, equipping and financing Al Qaeda in Syria and still fighting them in Afghanistan and Iraq, it was Al Qaeda who caused 9/11 wasn’t it? Allegedly anyway, but the more you read in to that and ask basic common sense questions like how all the buildings looked like they collapsed under controlled demolition, if the buildings were the first high-rise buildings to collapse to due fire why as all the rubble sent off to China for recycling before a proper investigation was undertaken, how were immaculate passports of the alleged hijackers found on the ground 20 or 30 storeys below amongst the total ruins of three collapsed buildings, how were people on the hijacked planes able to make repeated and long duration calls on mobiles when there is little or no signal at that altitude and it is impossible to maintain a mobile phone call whilst at high altitude travelling at 500mph. The more you think about it the more the whole MSM stinks.

Check this article out about 9/11:

Have a read through this to help understand the workings and origins of ISIS / ISIL / Daesh:


The Cabal

The Cabal is the term used for the Illuminati, Khazarian Mafia, Rothchilds, Rockerfella, Skull and Bones and any other scumbag satan worshipping pedophiles you can think of. You might not have heard of them before because they run the world through private ownership of 99% of the worlds banks, total control of our “elected” representatives, big pharma and of course the mainstream media. Their purpose is to work in the shadows and ironically in plain view to enrich themselves and expand their power at the expense of all other people of Mother Earth. You have heard of the 0.1%. This is who I am talking about.

If you start looking through independent media outlets you will start to see pieces of the puzzle present themselves. Sometimes very obscurely, other times so blatantly that you can’t believe it’s real. Case in point, the latest Brussels attacks which leaves more questions than answers especially answers any government official can provide, to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which basically puts corporations and big business above the law.


These evil psychopaths have ruled over us for centuries but their time is coming to an end. Whistleblowers are slowly starting to come out of the woodwork with incredibly information and stories about galactic federations, alien alliances, secret government and new world order agenda’s, secret space programs, and the real suppressed history and origins of the human race. If you ever watched X Files, you will know what I’m talking about. If you ever watched Star Trek, that is where we are heading and sooner than you think!

The sooner the cabal is finished, the sooner we can live life for ourselves and not for the 9 till 5 for someone else’s profit at the expense of our own happiness.


Victory of the light!


I remember when I was at secondary school, we were told of the impending big freeze and the hole in the ozone layer would mean the destruction of our atmosphere. Now twenty odd years later we now subject to global warming, sorry, now they call it climate change. If the powers that be can’t get their story straight then surely that would imply political and ulterior motives behind it all? If not that then staggering ineptitude and a lack of understanding across the scientific community, which I suspect is the lesser culprit. Not only that but the best computers available can only calculate the weather accurately for a few days, after that it reduces down to educated guesses then speculation, so how can we determine weather and temperature changes in fifty or one hundred years time to an accuracy of two decimal places if we can’t determine next weeks weather?

To reinforce scepticism the bastion of free speech, America, is trying to curtail anyone and anything who goes against the grain of mainstream climate change. Surely if global warming, sorry, climate change is so proven why would they and others around the world feel the need to stamp out and crush any dissent and objections on the matter? It’s not like the government pushed global warming is based on tree rings and not solid scientific data and historic records. No wait, I think it is!

For example. It is a known fact that termite produce ten times the carbon dioxide that humans do. See If this is the case why is the US and it’s proxy army NATO waging war on every termite mound known to man. Or taxing them at the very least! An exaggeration I grant you, but the point is valid! Climate change is probably not the best name for the revised environment scare story, I mean every year we go from winter to summer with temperature rises of 30 degree’s, and I don’t recall the world ending and of millions of people dying. Well old age pensioners die in Britain but that is a result of the system and lack of humanity in favour of profits, but that is another story.


If you stand back from the mainstream rubbish peddled by our governments and their masters and think with a clear and unbiased mind, the chinks in the armour start to present themselves. The clip below is of an Australian academic who’s specialism is geology. In typical Aussie straight talking and humour he belittles the current theory and blows it out the water. The clip was found on, a brilliant site I recommend, please take the time to watch it and think upon it for yourselves.




Hello all. This is my first ever blog so bear with me!


Votel stands for Vistory Of The Light. Hopefully some of you readers will understand and know the significance of that phrase.

I felt compelled to start this blog to help spread the word about the real goings on in the world and the universe. Not the version we have been led to believe. I mean, we are told it is a conspiracy that there are billions of planets in the known universe and aside from Mother Earth, not a single one is capable of supporting life, there are no such things as other worldy intellegent life. Then on the flip side we are told that we live in a free and deomcratic society, where we are not slaves to money, we are masters of our own destiny, we elect our members of parliament on the basis of their manifestos who then do everything in their power to carryout their manifestos and election promises for the greater good of their constitiuents and society in general and in no way shape or form are they putting personal interests first or in it for financial gain. I don’t profess to be an expert in politics, economics or astrophysics. But one of those is mathmatically impossible and the other is the real conspiracy!