Assad telling it like it is!

Check this interview out with a Belgian reporter and Assad. Funny, this never made it on the Western main stream media!

Assad interview

When the BBC is banging on about fake news whilst being one of the plethora government controlled media outlets interviews like this are priceless! If you think Assad is wrong then I implore you to do your own research in to how the mujahedeen / al qaeda / al nusra / isis all came about (I’ll give you a clue –  they developed in that order through CIA funding and training). I’m not telling you how it is just telling you to open your eyes!

Peace and love


Everyone thought the Nazi’s had gone

On one of my usual website the was the following link:

Now I have read the article, then read it again. It is quite something and shows what the powers that be are prepared to do to keep control. It doesn’t make for easy reading and I still don’t know what to make of it. It is easy to dismiss it as conspiracy theory but what happens if there is an element of truth or the whole deal turns out to be true.


Check it out for yourselves. Just remember that tens of thousands of migrants for Syria et al have disappeared in Germany and no one knows where they are. Maybe this article explains where they and fuck knows how many more have gone?

California Considers Adding Cancer Warning to Aspartame

Like your diet soda do you?! You won’t after reading the link below. It states that, as we all know, studies financed by the industries they are related to cannot and never will be credible or trustworthy. The article confirms what most of us probably suspect is that aspartame is carcogenic . Check out the following excerpt:

“The results of this mega-experiment indicate that APM [aspartame] is a multipotential carcinogenic agent, even at a daily dose of 20 mg/kg body weight, much less than the current acceptable daily intake. On the basis of these results, a reevaluation of the present guidelines on the use and consumption of APM is urgent and cannot be delayed.”

Another link was made in the Nurse’s Health Study, which spanned  22 years and nearly 120,000 people.30,31 Before references to aspartame were deleted from the study, data demonstrated one can of soda a day raised the risk of leukemia by 42 percent, multiple myeloma in men by 102 percent and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in men by 31 percent.32

High-intensity artificial sweeteners also increase your risk for obesity, another factor in the development of several cancers.33 The study drew such intense criticism, Harvard quickly retracted the study, saying the science was “weak.”34,35

Another potential cause for concern is the fact that Monsanto, which manufactured and sold aspartame between 1985 and 2000,36 used genetically altered E. coli to produce an aspartic acid-phenylalanine segment of the aspartame. A patent application was made in 1981,37 and although reported as early as 1999, it never received much attention.38 While still manufacturing the product, Monsanto insisted it was safe and that no modified DNA was in the finished product.39


Did you read that? Makes you think doesn’t it? Well the full article was from and the article can be found here –

American Jets Painted in Russian Colours?

Morning all. Scanning through the news today and came across the link below on

It is an interesting article as Kerry lost the war of words at the UN, the neocons and illuminati bosses will be looking at ways to expand their war games and fear mongering. The link below shows American jets painted exactly like the Russian Su-24 currently in action over Syria. What are the chances of the NATO/white helmets coming up with footage of Russian jets bombing aid convoys or civilians soon?


Check it out!

And now for something completely different!

On a lighter, irrelevant and complete tangent to my usual stuff

I fancy a Triumph Tiger 1050 for my next bike. Well I am getting old and have a beautiful baby girl to live for so I can’t have a ZX10 R! It needs to hack down the M1 and dance through London so it has to be something rather mundane!

I’m open to suggestions!


Missing Time

Hello all! Computer issues have caused me to stop blogging Luckily I bought a laptop for work and it has proved my saviour! Being self-employed even my backup systems are solid, unlike my crappy Dell! Once I was back up it took me fuck knows how many attempts to remember my password so now I don’t let the computer auto save user names and passwords! Oh well, you live and learn eh?!

My blogging is too important to discontinue due to some PC cock-up, not many people will read it and most will wonder what the hell I am on about but I need to get this all this information out, you know. It’s like I am compelled to release something inside when I share these words and information to anyone who cares or wants to experience it. And no, I am not on drugs or pissed before you ask!


Peace and love everyone!

Magnetic Vortex Motor

I was researching anti gravity devices the other day and that lead me on to alternative power sources, all of which involved electromagnetism, my latest and favourite theory on the true workings of gravity (check my older posts). I came across the youtube clip below which I have watched a few times and it compelled me to order some magnets off the internet and once they arrive I off to buy some wood and have a crack at building my own!

Basically the video shows an incomplete ring of fixed magnets (one magnet is missing that would otherwise complete the circle) which induces a magnetic vortex lowered over a speaker magnet fixed on a ball bearing. When the magnet ring is lowered over the speaker magnet the speaker magnet begins to rotate. It is important to state here that the magnet ring is not connected to anything and when it is brought in to close proximity it causes the free moving speaker magnet to rotate. If you fix the speaker magnet to a non conductive shaft and fix that to a motor, you have electricity for free! This little example is only sufficient for charging batteries apparently. But if you search wedding cake ufo you will see the exact same principle but they use three rings of increasing diameter (from top to bottom) and this is powerful enough to propel a anti gravity ship! Yes I agree, superglueing magnets to a piece of plastic pipe is not how an advanced species build their space craft but they must have started somewhere! Great things have been invented and built in an English mans shed!


Try it out, what have you got to lose?!!

Is it gravity or electromagnetism?