ALF is back, or not!

Another blog about UFO’s or this case I suspect alien reproduction vehicles (ARV’s) built by various military elements and secret organisations. The video shows the evidence given by numerous ex military and government agency  personnel queuing up to swear under oath that they have personally seen UFO’s, evidence of them and structures on the moon. Awesome stuff.

Watch this and tell me we are alone, there is too much here to ignore:


“I know we are not alone in the universe, I know that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, it is evidence that has been denied”


Norway Sky Spiral

Below is a youtube clip showing an anomaly in the night sky. The MSM line is a missile test gone wrong, yeah right. Could the a faction of the secret space program proving a point or flexing muscle, could be the argathans transport tunnel. It could be an alien created wormhole. I don’t know the answer, I do know that is it artificially created using technology we are not allowed to know about.


What with my other blogs about our alien cousins helping us with our species enlightenment, ascension and survival. I though it would be prudent to find evidence to support the fact of other worldly, and inner earth life does in fact exist. So I decided to start trawling through youtube to find you examples so you can make your own judgements and arrive at your own conclusions. You need to make your own minds up then maybe some of what I have written about previously and will be writing will start to make sense and ring true.

Victory of the Light!


The following clip is what is believed to be a man space craft, called a TR3B. The small glowing balls are rotating plasma rings and the bigger one in the middle is a counter rotating plasma ring which when spins up to 50,000 rpm allows the craft to enter hyperspace. Allegedly.


Here is another clip of I think an earth based telescope viewing the moon and seeing an object fly out of a crater. Gives you an idea of what might really be happening out there. Also gives credence to the notion that the moon is a hollow alien built structure used as an observation point or forward operating base. Did you know the moon is believed to be 500,000 years old and brought to its current position from another solar system (solar system or galaxy I can’t remember), even though the earth is supposed to be over 3 billion years old. How can that be if the moon is suppose to be formed from an impact with earth during earths creation? Also, if the moon is formed from an impact with earth surely it be formed from debris from the impact and as such would possess a gravity induced spin as it would have needed to draw in material to form the body that is the moon, like all other natural moons and planets. The moon does not spin it sits in a perfect orbit and the dark side of the moon is never seen from earth. Don’t you think that is strange?