Magnetic Vortex Motor

I was researching anti gravity devices the other day and that lead me on to alternative power sources, all of which involved electromagnetism, my latest and favourite theory on the true workings of gravity (check my older posts). I came across the youtube clip below which I have watched a few times and it compelled me to order some magnets off the internet and once they arrive I off to buy some wood and have a crack at building my own!

Basically the video shows an incomplete ring of fixed magnets (one magnet is missing that would otherwise complete the circle) which induces a magnetic vortex lowered over a speaker magnet fixed on a ball bearing. When the magnet ring is lowered over the speaker magnet the speaker magnet begins to rotate. It is important to state here that the magnet ring is not connected to anything and when it is brought in to close proximity it causes the free moving speaker magnet to rotate. If you fix the speaker magnet to a non conductive shaft and fix that to a motor, you have electricity for free! This little example is only sufficient for charging batteries apparently. But if you search wedding cake ufo you will see the exact same principle but they use three rings of increasing diameter (from top to bottom) and this is powerful enough to propel a anti gravity ship! Yes I agree, superglueing magnets to a piece of plastic pipe is not how an advanced species build their space craft but they must have started somewhere! Great things have been invented and built in an English mans shed!


Try it out, what have you got to lose?!!

Is it gravity or electromagnetism?


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