The speech that can change the world

I have never heard of former senator Maurice Robert Gravel. I would like to meet him one day, he seems a very down to earth and decent man, considering he was a politician. Who’d have thought they existed! His speech resonates deeply especially when he says nothing will change without the people having the power which coincides with the Brexit vote. The GB EU referendum gave every person eligible to vote in the United Kingdom to vote and that their vote would actually count for once. You give people control and they won’t do what corporations, big brother or our so-called leaders demand or expect, we do what is right and take control of our own destiny. One person can make a difference and when that one person is joined by millions of others change is inevitable. The EU is shitting itself, the prime minister resigned and the opposition party is in disarray. All from one vote. I actually believe democracy can work when given the chance, it reaffirms my belief in my fellow man and makes me realise the future is in our hands. I feel great!


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