Great Britain Out!

Oh what a beautiful morning! My faith in democracy and common sense have been restored! Before I go on about the result, 72% of the population voted. 72%! That shows you what happens when people know their vote counts not like in the local or general elections where it never exceeds 50%. We should have a referendum on proportional representation next, like Tony Blair said he would all those years ago. Well I guess he was a busy chap so didn’t have time for it, or he was and is a lying bastard.

I think the result has shocked those in power and in London, for those of us who are neither of those it was an obvious conclusion. Unfortunately things like this happen when you have millionaire MP’s who are completely detached from the electorate and the only part of the country not on its knee’s thinking the status quo is beneficial and works brilliantly for all. Inside London all is well, outside the M25 it is pretty desolate with all of us fighting hard to maintain a decent living and when we are given an opportunity to make it better for ourselves we have taken it. it is just so unfortunate that the establishment are only shocked with the result because they have nothing in common with the majority of the country and therefore are unable to connect or understand with the man on the street.

Note that I have mentioned immigration once. For me this referendum was not about that, it was about taking back control of our country from those who claim to know how to run it better, it was about the masters taking back control from our servants. That is the common perception, the other theory is that the Rothschilds are so busy trying to save their own hides they have left their EU fascist work in progress to its own demise. Either way it reinstates my belief in my fellow-man and that when we come together good s things happen.



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