Cobra, Corey, Randy and Rob have a chat

I read the following article through Cobra’s blog which is one of the most important websites anyone could read right now regarding what is happening in and around our world. For those of you who don’t know any of the people in the title are (shame on you!) I will briefly explain: Cobra is in contact with alien species and the resistance and is the resistance spokesperson, Corey Goode is a whistle-blower who has served 20 years in the Secret Space program (SSP) as an intuitive empath and is currently the blue avian / sphere being alliance contact, Randy Cramer is also ex SSP who served 20 years in the United States Marines Special Section fighting on behalf of the SSP program(s) and has been given permission to spill the beans on what he knows, Rob Potter is I suspect a starseed and is also in contact with our galactic brothers and sisters. All of the above are trying to spread the word and knowledge of who we really are and what the true meaning of life is. The meaning of life sure ain’t working 9 – 5 hating it just so you can swap your toil for non existent money to spend it on material things that have no meaning or purpose in life. Watch fight club and you will get an idea of what I’m banging on about, it triggered something in me anyway!

I digress. The link article is long but well worth it. I implore you to at least fly through it and stop to read something that grabs your attention then seek it out further on the internet. All of what these guy’s are saying is backed up by numerous and independent sources:

Victory of The Light!


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