Sugar feeds cancer cells

You need to read this:

I read the link above on the pfc website. I have read numerous articles claiming that sugar is the new salt, how bad refined sugar is for you but this is the first article that I have found that combines numerous articles that give a damning verdict on sugar, from new studies showing refined sugar / glucose to be carcinogenic and leading to cancer cell creation. I thought the sugar-free additives were bad for you now it is shown that refined sugar is bad for you. What with tea, coffee and processed foods that means we are all pretty much fucked! I thought a sedentary lifestyle was a factor but after reading this I think whether you run a marathon a day or sit on your arse all day, if you eat the wrong stuff you haven’t got much of a chance either way.

It is made even worse when you read the ingredients of everything you eat or drink, you will be surprised by the amount of sugar in everything, especially bread, ready meals, even  baby food. It makes me laugh when breakfast cereals are promoted as healthy food to start your day and sugar is usually the second of third ingredient in it! And all this is before you start thinking about GMO’s in the food chain!


Open your eyes and do your own research people. Don’t believe any of the crap in the Main Stream Media.




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