Resonant Frequencies & Sacred Geometry

The more I have researched and read about our galactic brothers and sisters, the more I have discovered the use of sacred geometry in buildings and their layouts. The cabal based city layouts based on pentagrams here on earth for example. So there is a physical reference to geometry and frequency. When we meditate, clear our minds and alter how we feel and perceive people and life whilst trying to prepare ourselves for ascension we are trying to raise our frequencies. As low frequencies are associated with fear and sadness and high frequencies are associated with happiness and love. As, amongst other skills, an engineer, I like to have some evidence to base my belief and trust in. A simple start is seeing with my own eyes, as that is hard to disprove!

Take a look at this youtbe clip:

It shows in simple form how frequency can directly affect a physical entity. I was taught how to measure the area of a section of a 2D waveform, I don’t ever recall being told that frequency can have direct effects on physical and mental function.

In a nutshell what I am trying to say is that this is a simple opening to beginning to understand the real workings of the world around us from a quantum mechanical level to astrophysical. The idea that we can only perceive 6% of the known universe yet we think we hold mastery over the things we think we know should be excuse enough to throw conventional thinking out the window and explore new theories and opportunities. Why we linger on Einsteins general theory of relativity and not his almost complete unified field theory and why Nicola Tesla is not revered as the genius his was and is are examples of suppressed education and information that keeps us in the galactic stone age.

The SSP has spaceships that can generate and direct wormhole portals at will and NASA has Voyager. Says it all really doesn’t it!


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