Vaccine = bad

Found this video below which shows the now deleted CDC webpage that admitted 98 million Americans were exposed to SV40 virus when they were given polio vaccines. Holy shit how bad is that? Funny thing is I don’t recall this being in the main stream media.

For all of you who doubt that vaccines are anything other than good for you I strongly suggest you think again and do your own research, ignore what the paid medical profession and puppet governments tell you. The Cabal (including Bill Gates who says it himself) want to reduce the population, one way is government orchestrated vaccine programs where the vaccines provide a way for deadly materials and virus’s to be introduced in to the human body that otherwise would never occur.


You need to watch this and show everyone you know:

and check out this website:


Peace and love


Not the BBC news!

Found the video below on You won’t find this repeated on the BBC or any other MSM propaganda mouthpieces! Guys spills the beans on “terrorism” letting loose what most of us either knew or suspected a long time ago. check it out!


CIA “accidentally” destroyed file on torture

The CIA claimed they “mistakenly” deleted its only copy of a Senate report into the agency’s brutal interrogation techniques. The CIA Office of Inspector General (OIG), the spy agency’s internal watchdog, told the Congress that the electronic copy of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 6,700-page report and a hard disk were destroyed last summer. A 500-page summary of the report was released to the public by then-Senate Intelligence chair Dianne Feinstein in 2014. Feinstein said in letters to the agency and Justice Department that the CIA inspector general “has misplaced and/or accidentally destroyed” its only copy of the report.

Yeah right, if you believe that bollocks you will believe anything! The cabal are destroying evidence that will be used against them when Full Disclosure occurs! Fuckers!


Read the full article here:


The jig is up!

Well, if anyone needed further proof of all I and numerous others have been saying about the impending collapse of the cabal and their puppet governments, the queen (aka a white royal draco) is the latest to let it slip. She thought she was speaking privately with her entourage and it turns out the BBC mic was on! This is what occurred:

Queen Elizabeth stunned BBC production staff yesterday while preparing to deliver the Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament, hinting that she is planning to abdicate the throne and flee the UK, a BBC insider claims.

One is making the necessary preparations to abandon ship,’ Her Majesty said. ‘A violent storm is coming, the likes of which Britain has never seen.

BBC staff ‘stunned’

Her Majesty was speaking to her advisors while taking on the Parliament Robe of State and Imperial State Crown in the Robing Chamber, however she was already wearing a microphone and her comments were heard by the whole gallery.

She seemed angry that she had to remain neutral in her speech.  She said there is solid intelligence from military top brass that if we don’t Brexit there is an inevitable World War 3 scenario that will play out,’ the insider said.

World War 2 will seem like a bump in the road compared to this.  I must warn my subjects,’ the Queen said.

BBC cover up

The line was cut off at this point and BBC production staff were urgently addressed by the director John Kirby.  He said he had been warned by BBC executives that the Head of State had been ‘shooting her mouth off a lot lately‘ and that ‘we must all ignore, forget, delete from our memories everything that we heard.’

He said there wasn’t going to be a scandal on his watch.’

Queen Elizabeth’s abdication

What does Queen Elizabeth know that we don’t?  She is certainly privy to information that is kept from the public.  The possibility of a geopolitical conflict, culminating in World War 3, has been discussed by Britain’s politicians this past week.  By warning advisors that she has made the necessary preparations to flee the country, is she hinting that she has inside information of the darkest kind?


This was from the website  and you also need to check out from in5d which goes in to further detail about the ramifications of what is happening on Mother Earth and what this could mean out in the galaxy.

She is privy to more information than us normal lightworkers so this proves that the Earth Alliance and our Galactic brothers and sisters are winning. The 8th of June has been speculated as the beginning of The Event. Maybe this is evidence that it might actually be accurate?


What can you do?

Below is the transcript from with an appeal to all Lightworkers for important meditation missions. The weblink is as follows:


It is up to us to make this happen my brothers and sisters. Lets do this!


New post on Prepare for Change


An Appeal to Lightworkers for an Important Mission

by Therese Zumi Sumner

On Sunday last during the weekly Event meditation I found that the only thing my mind wanted to focus on was the removal of the entity that envelopes our planet and solar system known as Yaldabaoth.

We are continually reminded by the Archangelic / Angelic Kingdom and by Ascended Light Beings that our position is one of sovereignty. They tell us that They are willing to join with us in whatever goal that we might have that will benefit the whole. Could there be a greater goal now than the removal of this entity so that our liberation will finally take place?

We now know that this entity is dying. With each succeeding success by the united Forces of Light like the recent removal of the strangelet bombs both on the physical and the etheric planes this entity is weakened. We know now that the focus at this point is the removal of the so called toplet bombs from the plasma body of this entity.

What Is This Yaldabaoth?

Here are some quotes that can help us to have a ‘picture’ in mind of this entity. The first one is from the Planetary Situation Update from July 5th 2015. Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The main problem remains the plasma accretion vortex around planet Earth, full of strangelet and toplet bombs. This vortex looks like an octopus with its plasma tentacles extending into the interplanetary space, strangelet bombs being cancer cells in its body.  This vortex is not a dead plasma field; it is actually a living entity of a negative nature. One of the main purposes of MOSS is to dissolve that entity, take it into the Galactic Central Sun and transform it there into a pure positive plasma elemental essence.”

Recently in the PFC Cobra interview Richard asked the question “What is the plasma octopus as it is referred to in occult circles, and what effect is it having on the situation on planet Earth right now?”

Cobra replied

“It is the base source of the problems we have here.  The plasma vortex which extends throughout the solar system has planet Earth in its center.   Planet Earth is the central anchor point of that entity and the entity has plasma toplet bombs in the body, plasma bodies.  Until this is resolved The Event cannot happen.  So this is the major, the main obstacle actually towards The Event.

Physical Evidence of This Entities Existence


On June 19th 2015 we were given a link that I found fascinating. This is what I wrote to my website readers then.

You MUST SEE this video link here available thanks to a very bright Australian female astronomer. 

 Giant plasma tubes found in SPACE: Huge structures spotted circling Earth filled with charged particles from the sun

·         The discovery was made by a student at the University of Sydney

·         She found that plasma was being trapped in Earth’s magnetic field lines

·         This is thought to be occurring about 370 miles (600km) above the ground

·         And using a new technique, the astronomer was able to map them in 3D

Cobra’s Link;

Parts of the plasma accretion vortex structure were recently detected by the mainstream science:

What We Can Do to Help Now

On May 2nd I shared an appeal for meditation that was initiated by Untwine to help to reduce the risk of a critical escalation with the potential to ignite an intense final war in Aleppo Syria. We requested then “Please join us at 9pm Cairo/Central European time, 3pm EST, 12pm PST, any night or every night if you feel so called. The timing of this meditation also coincides perfectly with our Event meditation on Sundays!”

My thought is this that we now continue to use the very same time 9PM CET (7PM GMT) and that we continue to send Light to the situation in the Middle East and that we also spend 4-5 minutes sending Light to the disintegration of this octopus entity.

If one woman can stop a war utilizing Goddess energy, then can you imagine what a 1000 people regularly meditating and working in tandem with all of the Light Forces can do? I believe that this should indeed be our very main goal now and up until The Event is a fact.

An Invocation We Can Use

I ( say your name) right here and now invoke my Higher Self, the Source, the Galactic Central Sun, the Galactic Confederation, Planet/Mother Gaia and all Ascended Beings of Light, and in their name I declare and command that during these minutes while I sit here in meditation, that each breath of the Source Light and Love that I exhale, will be utilized by all of the above mentioned Light Beings to dissolve the entity known as Yaldabaoth. We declare and decree and command that this entity is removed in its entirety and taken to the Galactic Central Sun to be transformed. We ask that this entity be fully and completely removed on all timelines and all dimensions from now until eternity. This is the will of Source and therefore it is law and so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Reaching the Goal of Full Disclosure and Peace on Earth on July 8th 2016

In the recent interview of both Cobra and Corey Goode by Rob Potter we learned that the date of July 8th has been chosen to be the date of the goal for Full Disclosure. Many may have interpreted this date as also being the date for The Event.

We know that at the time of The Event that Full Disclosure is one of the important Events among the many different Events that are part of these now 40-year-old plans. Many Lightworkers and many websites will be working now on many levels towards this aim. If we want this date to also be the time of The Event, then we really need to do this work of dissolving this entity because its existence is THE main obstacle to The Event taking place.

The Event Will Be Reported in Mainstream Media

A few last reminders taken directly from Cobra’s update on May 8th 2016

When the Event / Reset / RV begins, it will be very evident to everyone and it will be reported in the mass media.

Before the Event can happen, the Solar System plasma anomaly must be healed, the Solar system plasma entity (Yaldabaoth) must be disintegrated and plasma toplet bombs removed 

Yet it is important to be prepared as the Event will begin suddenly without any warning and here is how you can help when it happens:

Let’s do this now!

Victory to the Light ~ and Peace on Earth

Therese Zumi

19th May 2016 at 1055 AM CET

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More benefits of cannabis oil

I have written previously about the amazing effects of cannabis oil has on curing cancer. I came across this following article which a little boy with severe autism took cannabis oil and within two days was able to speak. That was after being completely unable to communicate.

I guess most people are too scared of the word cannabis and feel it should be steered well clear as it is illegal. I can see their point but if your life was on the line or your child needed help, personally I wouldn’t give a monkies what the government said I would do whatever it would take to cure a friend or family member. Unfortunately those who chose to abide by the government and main medical professions recommendations and treatment are consigning themselves to an avoidable death or a shorter life at best.

Below is part of the transcript:

Through a fundraising program, they were able to receive a tiny bottle of the oil. Kalel was given oral doses twice a day.

Within just two days, he was finally able to speak. “He surprised us in school by saying the vowels, A-E-I-O-U. It was the first time ever,” Abiel said. “You can’t imagine the emotion we had, hearing Kalel’s voice for the first time. It was amazing. The teacher recorded him and sent it to my wife and me and we said well, the only different thing we have been doing is using the CBD.”

Soon after, he began using consonants, too, speaking like his parents never thought possible. “He said, ‘amo mi mama,’ ‘I love my mom,’” Abiel says. “I don’t know how to thank [the CBD oil makers].”