Hollow Earth

Current untested theory of the make up of Mother Earth is that she is solid with a molten iron core. However, if you research on the internet rather than state approved “education books” you will see there is evidence to support a different hypothesis, namely that Mother Earth is in fact hollow. That the crust of the earth is about 800 miles thick then beyond that there is open expanse where an ancient civilisation lives called the Argathans. There is evidence to support this in the historic events that Admiral Byrd led an American expeditionary force to the arctic and antarctic landmasses. I believe the antartic expedition was in 1947 and its purpose was to locate and destroy a nazi base there. Unfortunately this mission was a total failure as the American force was repulsed by nazi made and piloted flying saucers which were more than a match for the anything the Americans had. Byrd also led an expedition, a peaceful one this time, to the north pole whereby on a flying survey he was allowed to enter the centre of the earth which he detailed in his log and diary.

The results of his records and events that occurred are on the following video link to a youtube video. Watching this makes you think all that we think we know and are taught is complete and total bollocks.



The internet is a source of independent news and uncensored information. You need to educate and inform yourself!


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