Full Disclosure Project

This is a big one about aliens, the true meaning of life, our inner selves and our future. I’m on a roll so just go with it people!


This is my humble interpretation of what is really going on so may not be factually accurate but you can search all this stuff out for yourselves.

The full disclosure project stems from the work Corey Goode and who knows how many others started from the Sphere Being Alliance. The Sphere Being Alliance (SPA) is the name given to a group of higher density beings from other galaxies that are benevolent and non aggressive, the SPA group are above the galactic federation which comprises of other alien species in our solar system and beyond, who are currently fighting the evil agressive alien species, such as the draco and the greys who control the cabal, who controls big business and big pharma and consequently our governments and then us poor misinformed souls. Apparently we are at a time when our galaxy is in alignment and powerful energy waves are emanating from our galactic core, this combined with the fact that the Milky Way is passing through a high energy field in the universe means that we are entering a period in human history where we have the opportunity to become enlightened and brush off the shackles of money and servitude. Our true purpose is to find ourselves, do what makes us happy, explore, learn, do things we want to do for ourselves and not for the profit of a faceless corporation. We should be and will become a more gentle, caring and community based society. War, famine, hate, greed, all these will subside as we learn the true value and meaning of our lives. We will realise that we have concentrated on the physical needlessly as it is the development of our mental abilities through meditation and uncensored learning that will lift the human race higher towards becoming one with the rest of the universe. The technology for free energy and food, wormhole technology exists, just held by secret organisations (the cabal) and black projects (secret space programs SSP). Money will no longer be a prerequisite to comfort and survival.

Maybe you have felt the urge to change your life, like something, or everything, is wrong. have you noticed changes in your emotions or weird things happening with your mind, headaches, tingling on your forehead, intuition, feeling happier? It could be changes you are feeling or maybe you are making the necessary changes without realising it. For example, I dropped out of the rat race a year ago and now am self-employed and work from home, I now get to see my beautiful baby girl grow up every hour of every day rather than be stuck in traffic or doing a job I hate. We had to sell our house at short notice with nowhere set up to move to and my girlfriend was pregnant. To some people making the jump to being self employed is risky at the best of times but with all that chaos going on I saw the waters as calm and non threatening and knew what I had to do. I have never looked back since. You just have to have faith and if you want it to work, it will work.

I mentioned earlier the full disclosure project. This is a link to their website:


This is the link to the SBA. I love this site!


Another site that I read every day is Prepare for Change. You’ve to be open to what I have written above to appreciate and understand this fabulous and brave website:



Thats it for now. A brief explanation that hopefully whetted your appetite!





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