Food, Drink & Farming

I have read a few books on the mass manufacture and farm practices relating to food production, tescopoly, farmagedon for example. The idea that we pump toxic chemicals on to the crops we digest and feed remains of animals to cattle all in the name of output and productivity resulting cheap food. Then happily consume all this horrific crap because the adverts tell us to or for people who are hard done by, this toxic laden unhealthy rubbish is all they can afford. And I’m not even starting to rant on about ready meals, McDonalds or KFC!

From a farming perspective I know, it is obvious when you walk out in the fields, that the bio pesticides farmers use are having a devastating impact on insect life, not just the targeted “pests” but essential insects like bee’s. In the summer time bee’s use to be everywhere but am I alone in noticing that no longer occurs? Bee’s are essential to pollination, crop growth and yields but farmers are wiping them out and no one seems to notice or give a shit. If nature is killed off trying to help grow our crops then it is left to over exertion of the soil and more chemicals to substitute for nature. I’m not an expert on the matter but that doesn’t seem right to me. To enlighten yourselves you should research Mosanto which will lead you to genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), which in turn will lead you to Barry Soetoro, I mean Barack Obama, and all his dirty dealings under his masters instructions. By the way did you know his birth certificate has been proved to be a fake and Loretta Fuddy, the person who signed it was killed a few years ago? I can’t remember the details but I will blog that up at a later date. check it out for yourselves!

Anyway, back on track. Another element of mass food production is eggs and poultry for our never-ending consumption. From my own research I know these poor bastards have a wretchedly short and painful life, but i didn’t know their end was worse when male chicks were hatched in egg farms. I can across the page below from Waking Times which explained the ending chicks met when they did not suit their intended purpose in our interpretation of the food chain. As a consequence I have stopped eating meat and eggs.  I think you should read it for yourselves:


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