Hello all. This is my first ever blog so bear with me!


Votel stands for Vistory Of The Light. Hopefully some of you readers will understand and know the significance of that phrase.

I felt compelled to start this blog to help spread the word about the real goings on in the world and the universe. Not the version we have been led to believe. I mean, we are told it is a conspiracy that there are billions of planets in the known universe and aside from Mother Earth, not a single one is capable of supporting life, there are no such things as other worldy intellegent life. Then on the flip side we are told that we live in a free and deomcratic society, where we are not slaves to money, we are masters of our own destiny, we elect our members of parliament on the basis of their manifestos who then do everything in their power to carryout their manifestos and election promises for the greater good of their constitiuents and society in general and in no way shape or form are they putting personal interests first or in it for financial gain. I don’t profess to be an expert in politics, economics or astrophysics. But one of those is mathmatically impossible and the other is the real conspiracy!


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