People, I can not recommend strongly enough that you stop watching and reading the corporate news. Well you should stop watching TV all together but that is another story!

The mainstream media (MSM) is run and owned by the (secret) governments and merely acts as their mouthpiece, generally trying to instill fear and worry and to provide a very blinkered view of the world and current affairs. In Europe, countries are portrayed according to their allegiance to American foreign policy, i.e. Syria in particular Assad is the scourge of the world and Saudi Arabia is a gentle and tolerant country, whereas in reality Syria is fighting USA / Israeli backed terrorist organisations and Saudi Arabia is presently assaulting Yemen and killing civilians with American weapons and British training, and of course still relying on good old stoning and decapitation for corporal punishment. If you are not white or pro-Israeli then you are fair game in the state medias eyes. For heavens sake just don’t ask awkward questions like why is America supporting, equipping and financing Al Qaeda in Syria and still fighting them in Afghanistan and Iraq, it was Al Qaeda who caused 9/11 wasn’t it? Allegedly anyway, but the more you read in to that and ask basic common sense questions like how all the buildings looked like they collapsed under controlled demolition, if the buildings were the first high-rise buildings to collapse to due fire why as all the rubble sent off to China for recycling before a proper investigation was undertaken, how were immaculate passports of the alleged hijackers found on the ground 20 or 30 storeys below amongst the total ruins of three collapsed buildings, how were people on the hijacked planes able to make repeated and long duration calls on mobiles when there is little or no signal at that altitude and it is impossible to maintain a mobile phone call whilst at high altitude travelling at 500mph. The more you think about it the more the whole MSM stinks.

Check this article out about 9/11:

Have a read through this to help understand the workings and origins of ISIS / ISIL / Daesh:


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