An observation of what humans are and what they should be. By an imperfect human.

Here in Britain, England, United Kingdom, whatever your preference is I have found it increasingly frustrating that the inhabitants of this country, whether native or from abroad, just seem to be stuck in a lack of initiative / compliant state of mind.

For years I thought this was a result of the societal system and influences we elect to confine our lives to. Choosing to follow the  rather than risk ridicule and be individualistic and self-determining. A lack of motivation, fear of being scared and failing so accepting the norm and being boring sheep. An excellent indicator and barometer of this is the fact than when you fill up at a petrol station, 99% of people will only use a pump on the same side as their filler cap, even if the other pumps are empty, wilfully choosing to sit and wait rather than exercising initiative and doing something different and simple such as thinking outside the box in the most simple and rudimentary way such as lifting the fuel line over their car to reach the filler cap. Another are the masses of people who hate their jobs, knowing it sucks their soul (literally) dry and makes them devoid of self-determination to follow their dreams, listen to their heart and do what makes them happy. Most people are so entrenched in the system they can not exercise initiative because no-one tells them to.

I admit for a long time I was one of these people. Following the herd, doing as I was told, buying the crap I didn’t need and working the 9 – 5. Always resenting myself for not being strong enough to break the self-imposed bonds. Then one day, a seed was planted in my mind, I don’t know specifically if it was from a book, film, song, an experience or an entity planted it in my mind. To bin all this negative shit and go self-employed, to have a life of my choosing, a balance between living and the obligations of survival in this 3D world.

Knowing that there are billions of galaxies out there with each one, on a law of averages, everyone of them being about to sustain life, historic cultures like the Egyptians and Incas who built structures we cannot replicate today, knowing that we are force fed complete bullshit by our purported free press, that we are told we are in the most technologically advanced time in history yet we still build our homes in methods unchanged for thousands of years and still drive cars powered by internal combustion engines that have been around for over a hundred years. Knowing that the world we live in is complete bollocks when anyone who questions this matrix world is ridiculed, or if they get too close to the truth, murdered. The conspiracy theory is that we are born to work 9 – 5 exchanging our happiness for the financial reward of faceless corporations that poison us or limit our potential. Ever since I was little, I have had sporadic pre-cognitive abilities and it was one night when my best friends and I had been drinking (a lot) that I plucked up the courage to talk about this and I found out I was not the only one who had experienced this. I would see situations in the future then years later they would happen just as I saw them, an electric shock would go down my spine when this timeline was connected with my current life. I would know the full extent of conversations, know layouts of buildings I had never been in before, or most commonly love a song and know every word when it was having its exclusive first time air play on the radio. All of this came to fruition when I discovered I was going to be a father and I knew then that I wanted to experience and see my child grow and help them find their own path, rather than hear about what they did after a 14 hour work day and commute. Being blessed and eternally grateful that someone had decided to elect me and my other half to be their parent, guardian, teacher and protector in one of the most important stages in the history of this planet.

I realise now that life should be seen as through the eyes of a young child, inquisitive, full of wonder, love and complete lack of fear. When I look deep into my child’s eyes I see a reflection of myself and I see indescribable love and infinity. I strongly suspect this is how we must be looked upon by our more advanced families. I use to detest human stupidity and lack of initiative but now I understand fully that we have all been held and controlled in that state, being sheeple, incapable of self determinism. I do not get angry at the population of this world but the system and entities that control us using the most devious and depraved methods without most of the us knowing they exist or that it is happening.

I’m not going to tell you how you need to change this situation, your life, or what is really happening to our world and the galaxy. You need to find this out for yourself. Use your inner guidance. Listen to yourself, your heart, follow your intuition. I will give you a head start though, check out the following websites at your discretion:

the portal 

prepare for change

david icke

spherebeing alliance

veterans today


Love and light.


Don’t get so attached to your mobile phone.

Found this enlightening article on

Even though membership is on the rise, no one wants to join “The Cancer Club.”

In 2011, The World Health Organization classified sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as “Possibly Carcinogenic.”

Wireless radiation is microwave radiation. It is referred to by many different names:

  • Cell Phone Radiation
  • Microwave Frequency
  • Microwave Radiation
  • RadioFrequency (RF)
  • RadioFrequency Radiation (RFR)
  • Wireless Frequency
  • WiFi

Since 2011, there have been scientists who have stated that the “Possibly Carcinogenic” classification is too low. In 2017, long-time WHO advisor, Dr. Anthony Miller, claimed there was enough researchthat proves all sources of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation should be classified as “Carcinogenic.”

Very recently, more news was released in regard to this: Italian RF–Animal Study: ‘Consistent with’ and ‘Reinforces’ U.S. NTP Cancer Finding – Ramazzini’s Belpoggi Calls for IARC To Reassess RF–Cancer Risk.” (Source)

Cell phones and other wireless devices originally were designed and created to be used by military personnel for a few minutes at a time in emergency situations. Gradually they started being manufactured and sold for purposes outside of the military.

Safety guidelines for cell phones and other wireless technology devices were created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) more than 20 years ago. “Safety” Testing involves a plastic mannequin head and body parts based on a replica of a 220-pound military man referred to as “SAM.” These guidelines and testing are what we still use today for all wireless products. Because of that, no safe level of cell phone or wireless WiFi radiation has ever been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. 

Despite this, it has become common to market cell phones and other personal wireless devices to people of all ages, including very young children. In doing so, it seems that these devices have become the ultimate fashion statement.

Media sources and medical professionals have warned us off and on over the years about holding or wearing cell phones against the body. Product manuals include information about this, too.

Marketing campaigns encourage this anyway. So it’s not at all unusual to see people carry or wear their phones inside their bras, strapped to their arms, inside shirt pockets, inside their pants’ front or back pockets. Art, of course, imitates life so that’s also what we see characters doing in movies and on TV shows.

Some may not ever get cancer from this or anything else. However, there is a disturbing trend of colorectal cancer (CRC) since 2000 which has been on the rise in people under 50 in the U.S., while it is on the decline for those over 50 years. CRC remains the 3rd most common cancer worldwide with European countries routinely dominating the top-20. Although authors of the yearly CRC statistics haven’t confirmed one specific reason, it is certainly plausible that the increased exposure to cell phone radiation could be a contributing factor, since the under-50 age group has embraced their use more frequently. Fortunately, a colorectal cancer treatment in Germany is offering hope for those who do. That’s certainly a good thing because Germany is at #11 for the highest number of mobile phones in use worldwide.

It’s important to remember that once upon a time, tobacco products were marketed by medical professionals as being good for health. Eventually tobacco makers were legally forced to stop doing this. That’s when they started marketing them as being rebellious and cool. The “Marlboro Man” was created to personify this. Ironically, the real man who was paid to be “Marlboro Man” character actually died of lung cancer.

Other devices and products that emit wireless (WiFi) radiation include cordless landline phones, computers, iPads, utility “smart” meters, Wi-Fi routers, Fitbits, and other activity trackers. Naturally, all of these are being used more frequently worldwide.

Adults and children are ridiculed if not ostracized for not having and using all the latest tech devices 24/7. Many of these devices have also been marketed as “learning tools” for children in public school systems and PBS’ Sesame Street. Toy cell phones are sold featuring the Sesame Street logo and characters.

People are voicing concerns about this, though. Many organizations are demanding laws be created so that very young children are not allowed to own cell phones. They are also demanding that WiFi be replaced in schools with safer wired Internet.

There has been a “rollout” of wireless and digital utility “smart” meters all over the world also. They are being marketed as beneficial to customers, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. These meters emit wireless radiation as well. Many organizations are also trying to stop them from being installed in their communities and on their homes.

Last and certainly not least, 5G small cell tower technology is also being marketed as fashionable. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that the best thing ever is for all of us to “binge-watch, surf, and post online” at faster speeds without having to worry about our screens freezing up or being disconnected.

Despite all the wireless technology hype, for many years already tech inventors have been limiting their own kids’ exposure to it – even sending them to private low-tech schools.


The last paragraph I know is true because Steve Jobs famously said he didin’t let his kids use ipads because they were “addictive”. He was well aware of the damage they can cause, it’s a crime that this information is not shoved down every parents throat for their own kids protection. I implore you to check this out for yourself.


Love is the light……

I was on twitter today and when checking my own profile out found an old post from the Telegraph newspaper. A beautiful piece of slow motion video footage showing a spark of light at the moment of conception. Is this spark the signal for the soul to get ready to join the soon to be formed physical body do you think?



Coffee has a bitter taste

I was perusing the news today and came across this little gem regarding a noxious and carcinogenic compound given off whilst roasting coffee beans. This particular article relates to Starbucks and notes that they say it is perfectly safe, but can’t provide the evidence to back this up!

Check it out on RT:


AIDS, made in the USA

I have been reading a fascinating book called “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. This definitely a read for the awake and enlightened as one of the sheeple would dismiss the contents of this book out of hand!

He refers to a DOD subcommittee in 1969 garnering approval for developing the AIDS virus (aka MK-NAOMI). Please read the book, it is free as PDF but page 446 goes something like this:

“In 1969 (3 years before the WHO’s request) the USA defense department requested and got $10m to make the AIDS virus in lab(s) as a political / ethnic weapon to be sued mainly against blacks. the feasibility program and lab(s) were to have been completed by 1974 – 1975, the virus between 1974 – 1979. the WHO started to inject AIDS laced smallpox vaccine (vaccina) into over 100 million Africans (population reduction) in 1977. And over 2000 young white male homosexuals (Trojan horse) in 1978 with the hepatitis B vaccine through CDC / New York Blood Center. And now the AIDS virus is on the streets in the drugs.”

So my earlier post about Nixon authorising the development of the AIDS virus ties in with this and indicates that the WHO is a sham front for the illuminati with the objective of population reduction / genocide that has probably gave inspiration to Bill Gates for his current “philanthropic” ventures.


Novichok psyop

Time, family life and exhaustion have led me to neglect my blogging. I am determined to pick up the baton and get going again.

So here’s one for you. I was reading the VT website and came across this truly revealing photo, it shows what is purported to be guys fully kitted out with NBC suit dealing with the novichok incident and right next to them are firemen with no protective suits or breathing apparatus. Blows the whole bullshit storey wide open, funny how this isn’t relayed in the MSM!! About as much chance of that as there is any evidence being presented to back up the “it’s Russia” claims that are as yet unsubstantiated!


Assad telling it like it is!

Check this interview out with a Belgian reporter and Assad. Funny, this never made it on the Western main stream media!

Assad interview

When the BBC is banging on about fake news whilst being one of the plethora government controlled media outlets interviews like this are priceless! If you think Assad is wrong then I implore you to do your own research in to how the mujahedeen / al qaeda / al nusra / isis all came about (I’ll give you a clue –  they developed in that order through CIA funding and training). I’m not telling you how it is just telling you to open your eyes!

Peace and love